Home Phlebotomy Care

We care! That's why we'll come to you!

Here at Apex Clinical Laboratories we do our best to understand people.  And we recognize the difficulty that some of your patients have when it comes to traveling to your office.  Knowing this, you don't want to ask them to make an additional trip to our office, and we couldn't agree more!  That's why we offer Home Phlebotomy services to add convenience and comfort to your patients.

When our Home Phlebotomy service is requested, we send one of our certified phlebotomists to your patient's place of residence to perform the blood draw. Upon their return, we immediately start the specified test and provide you with the results just as quickly as we would if they had come to our office.  With our friendly staff of phlebotomists and advanced lab services, we provide you and your patients with the care you deserve and the results you can trust.

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